Finally I moved into WordPress from my last blog host. I have been wanting to do this for the longest time but this is the only time I managed to do so. For a fresh start on my burpday. (yep. dont ask).

Late twenties. Wow.  It’s a cliche but it really seemed like yesterday when I just graduated from college with a lot of bright(?) self-centered ideas. But then life happened- Jjob. Worked (and will still work) abroad. Mature (semi) decisions. a little bit of leisure. And most recently, calling the shots for my mother’s Do Not Resuscitate form and telling her it’s ok, she can spread her wings (because my dad asked me to do so.)

As of writing, I am still grieving. It’s hard going back and forth between depression and acceptance. But that’s the process. Life is tough but so are you (me) says Philippians 4:13. But it is during these tough times that we embrace life and make the most out of it.


To keep this entry front the impending sadness (tearjerking post), today marks a new chapter (being my birthday) of my life. The past 7 months have been really really tough but I am determined to make the next 5 months better. I don’t know what it will bring but I am up for it– the bad, and most especially the good. And it all starts today.

The now. #meditateAtTwenyEight

This day started off with my urge to do yoga here at home. (I haven’t been practicing for months since my mother had surgery and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Today is technically my 3rd day back (i scheduled a rest day yesterday). i decided to skip Sun Salutations and went on to do the Vinyasa flow of Patrick Beach. MAN IT WAS TORTURE. 19 minutes into the flow and I am catching my breath. WHAT WAS I THINKING? 2 days ago i cannot do a decent downward dog and I’m doing all this. VERY WRONG. but i loved the sweat. REALLY LOVED THE SWEAT.

I made sure that I won’t miss praying and going to church today but I made a little detour to the mall and i found myself at the salon. I told the hairstylist that i want a haircut. Ian was very kind to cut my hair and told me he like my curls. I never thought that it would be so short but i ended up liking it anyway. One of my friend said “bumata ka”. NAKS. #forever22.


Too many pitstops.

Before going to St. Jude, I decided I was hungry and dropped by Taps, a Tapsilugan place famous here in Davao. For many years, they never fail to hit the spot! I ordered LeKaSiLog- Lechon Kawali, Sinangag and Itlog. a squeeze of calamansi, a moderate amount of toyo, a little bit of banana ketchup and sili. Yaaaas solb!


Finally solemnity


I reached St. Jude Parish and went in to their adoration room. Prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet with my rosary and had a good heart2heart talk with Him. It was overwhelmingly good.

The rest of the day was a breeze. Decided to buy a cake for myself. That salted caramel sans rival at Annipie is yummy and so worth all the calories. We had a simple dinner with family at home.



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